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Dramatically increase understanding of your clients, improve your communication with them, and truly help them change?
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Put your lead generation on an autopilot, so new clients flock to your web site with less time and effort on your part?

Then you will love these ready-to-use assessment packages we created for you! Use them with your existing clients, or put them up on your web site to automatically attract new coaching clients

People love taking assessments and completing questionnaires to find out more about themselves. It's human nature. It is also a powerful first step in attracting potential clients and generating curiosity about your other great services

Dear Coach,

My name is Milana Leshinsky, and I am the founder of ACCPOW, the Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web.  My business mission is to help you simplify your practice building, automate your lead generation as much as possible, and make your clients love you.

In my search for better promotional strategies, I have decided to partner with Larina Kase, Psy.D., M.B.A., a doctor of Psychology, a graduate of Cornell University and an executive and entrepreneurs' coach, to develop professional self-scoring assessments specifically for coaches to use with their clients.

I was absolutely ecstatic when I found Larina!  She is not only a professional coach and psychologist, but is highly creative and entrepreneurial, as well.  Larina is a cognitive behavioral therapist, which means that her approach is very goal-directed and active.

Larina's work has been seen in media such as Entrepreneur Magazine, The Jane Pauley Show, and The New York Times. 

In addition, Larina has an extensive background in developing measures and assessment tools, and has personally given over 200 complete assessment batteries to clients.


Milana Leshinsky, 
ACCPOW Founder

Association of Coaching 
& Consulting Professionals
on the Web

Larina Kase, 
Psy.D, MBA

Doctor of Psychology
President of Performance
and Success Coaching


Each of These 20 Assessments is Very Comprehensive, Detailed, and Asks Highly Insightful Questions to Achieve the Most Accurate Results and Their Interpretation

There are thousands of quizzes and self-tests freely available on the Web, but frankly, they're too rehashed and generic.  You can find these on just about any coaching web site, usually as a PDF or Word file.

In a market flooded with coaches, it is critical to differentiate yourself as credible, high quality, and unique. Unlike the other assessments out there, these assessments will assist you in making that highly professional and unique impression. 

Each assessment created by Dr. Larina Kase is based on research and experience, contains 30 insightful questions, and provides a comprehensive scoring key for you and your client.  These assessments are completely original and you won't find them anywhere else!

I can personally guarantee, that you have never seen self-assessments of this quality!  They will make your clients and prospects think much deeper than before.

While these assessments are not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and don't replace a professional counseling or coaching relationship, they will give you a much better picture of where your client stands in different areas of life and business. Your clients will also understand their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and how they affect their lives and careers.
Incorporating these pre-designed assessments into your coaching sessions will also enhance your practice and add remarkable value to your clients' experience. One of the best referral sources for a coaching business is current and past clients. Anything that can improve your client's outcome and satisfaction is certainly worth investing in.

There are three assessment packages available.  Click on the links below to learn more about each assessment in the package.

Do I Know Me? - Test your self awareness, your identity, and your direction in life
Relationship Quality Index - Test the strength of your relationship and determine whether it has long-term potential
Self Motivation Inventory - People often wonder what makes it hard for them to begin or complete activities and tasks. Are you naturally self-motivated and disciplined?
The Right Life Balance - Find out how well you have achieved the balance between life’s many activities that is perfect for you right now
Is Now the Time for a Change? - Learn whether your life is currently stable and ready to make that big change.
Self Actualization Assessment - Learn how much you are becoming all that you are capable of being. Based on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs.
Stress Coping Skills - Test how well you are actually managing your current stress level
Who Do You See in the Mirror? - Learn how secure, confident, and healthy your body image is
Are You The Best Parent You Can Be? - Key questions to determine the strength of your current parenting skills and comfort level with being a caregiver for your children

Only $97.00

Born to be an Entrepreneur - Find out whether you have the personality and behaviors of a born entrepreneur
How Strong is Your Financial Plan - Is the financial plan for your business is solid or do you have some work to do?
Are You Selling or Telling? - Find out how well you are doing at selling effectively without putting your customer off or creating a sense of a "hard" sell. 
Business or Job? - Have you wondered whether it is your true calling to run your own business? Discover if you have what it takes right now to be self-employed?
Focused For Business Success - Find out whether you have that laser beam focus that leads to small business success
Do You Know Who You Are  Marketing To? - How well do you, the entrepreneur, know and market to your ideal target market?

Only $97.00

Career Satisfaction Scale - Have a love-hate relationship with your career path? Find out how satisfied you really are.
Conflict Management Measure - How skilled are you at managing and diffusing difficult situations?
The Inspiration and Influential Index - Find out whether you are inspired yourself and whether you have the ability to influence and inspire others.
Confident or Conceited - There is a fine line between being confident and being egotistical. Do you come across as self-assured or self absorbed?
The Delegation and Empowerment Profile - Do you have the ability to empower and delegate effectively and efficiently?
Test Your Leadership Potential - Are you a born leader who can naturally motivate and influence others?

Only $97.00


Get All Three Assessment Packages for just $197
(That's less than $10 per assessment!)


How can you can successfully incorporate these assessments into your business?  Here are the 9 profitable ways you can use them:
  • Incorporate them right into your coaching sessions to help clients make important changes
  • Capitalize on the effectiveness of educational marketing to attract new coaching clients
  • Use them to help you decide specifically what to focus on with your client
  • Add them to your private subscription web site
  • Promote them on your website as a way to differentiate yourself and your business from all the others out there and show your credibility and professionalism
  • Sell assessments to your clients for an additional income source*
  • Have prospects complete them and interpret the results as the free initial session and introduction to the benefits of coaching
  • Include them as a bonus in your products, programs and other offerings
  • Use these assessments with as many clients as you wish, there is no limit!

NOTE:  If you were to develop these assessments yourself, it would take you countless hours and research to put each one together.  Take advantage of these high quality pre-designed self-assessments today, and instantly add value and income to your coaching business. The cost-benefit analysis of these assessments is incredible. 

For less than what a client pays you for one month of coaching, you can have all three assessment packages  at your disposal to use over the course of your career as a professional coach.

Four Very Special Bonuses!

     Get Four More Special Assessments Completely FREE of charge:

  • "Are You a Natural-Born Coach?" - ($75.00 value) FREE!

  • Based on psychological principles, this 50 question test determines if you possess the right skills, abilities, and talents to be an effective coach. Not your usual generic quiz! Instead, this 50-question assessment looks beyond the simple characteristics of being a good coach.
  • "The REAL Coachability Test" - ($75.00 value) FREE!

  • A 50 question assessment based on psychological principles of being coachable.  Not your usual generic coachability quiz, but instead it contains 50 questions that allow you to look deeper into the personality to find out how successful a client will be in being coached.
  • "Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Six Figure Coach?" - ($75.00 value) FREE!

  • A 57 question assessment based on the characteristics of successful service businesses and coaching entrepreneurs. It will let your assessment taker know whether he/she has what it takes to be a six figure coach. The results will also provide the user with an analysis of business and marketing skills as well as motivation, attitude, and mindset.
  • "Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Six or Seven Figure Entrepreneur?" - - ($75.00 value) FREE!

  • A 57 question assessment based on the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. It will let users know whether they have what it takes to be a business owner earning an income of six or seven figures annually.

Attention ALL Assessment Generator Users:  Each assessment has been designed for easy integration into your web site. Scoring key and interpretations are available right in the assessment file ready to enter into your Assessment Generator control panel and to add to your web site.

If you are not yet an Assessment Generator User, you can try it out free at


Get All 21 Quality Self-Assessments Now - Only $197
And Receive Four Bonuses Now!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Each assessment package with a complete satisfaction guarantee. If after purchasing them you find that you are not 100% happy, just e-mail me and I will send you a full refund. Click Here to see a Sample
Terms and Conditions:  These assessments have been made available to enhance your coaching practice.  You can use them with clients by sending them a file or placing the assessment on your web site.  You can charge clients a fee for taking the assessments, but you are not permitted to sell them to other coaches as a product. If offering assessments as a bonus in another product or service, no more than 2 assessments can be included in any given offer. 

Note: These instruments are intended for information gathering and marketing purposes only. They are content valid based on literature review, but additional validity and reliability metrics have not been established.

Should you choose to make any of these assessments available freely on your web site, you are required to place the following copyright notice directly below it:  "Copyright © 2015,  Duplication and distribution is strictly prohibited without authors' express written permission.  All Rights Reserved."  Let's preserve the uniqueness and exclusivity of these assessments together.  A link to this web site is appreciated, but not required.  Please, e-mail for any further questions or concerns.

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